We deliver your Parcel to your customer in a single click!
Avoid calling, searching, and expenses. Parcel is your professional delivery service with FREE registration!
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What is the Parcel service?
Parcel is the fastest delivery service in Bahrain, you can now start instant delivery around the clock and week. Download Parcel app now and start delivery to any area in Bahrain
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prepare order

Prepare your order to be collected.

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Request a Driver With One Click

The easiest way ever to request a driver, with one one click the driver will come to your place.

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The Fastest Delivery Service

Within only 15 minutes the driver will reach your place and deliver the order.

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How to Get Parcel Application?

You can access our Delivery dashboard and start delivery by login to your account, or download our mobile application version now!

Download Parcel Delivery application and start delivering happiness to your customers with only one click delivery!

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