Our story
Parcel officially launched in December 2019 in Bahrain, the main goal is to switch the delivery process to be fully digital and easier for home and small businesses, by allowing them to request a driver to deliver their products without worrying about monthly expenses nor distances. Parcel grew significantly to be one of the largest delivery leaders in Bahrain, with that growth Parcel idea got large enterprises attention and confidence as well. Parcel now serves all the type of businesses starting from home businesses to large enterprises by delivering to more than 500 thousand end customers in only the first and half year.
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Our mission
Parcel Delivery 24 mission is to ease the delivery process for the clients, by providing full freedom to the client without sharing their profits nor taking any registration fees, and providing a delivery platform for drivers to receive and deliver the orders. More than 1000 businesses and 600 delivery drivers are using Parcel Delivery application in their daily deliveries with full trust, Parcel aims to be the first and favorite choice for all delivery operations in Bahrain. Using Parcel application provides a secure delivery for the product and the delivery process by tracking the delivery steps before and after the order is collected.
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